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Family Affairs
The Woman's Domain
Love & Marriage they go together like a horse and carriage  . . .(in pdf)
A World Where Womanhood Reigns Supreme- by a non-Muslim woman (in pdf)
What is behind the veil?  A tantalizing look . . .   (in pdf)
Is the sexual assault epidemic really a cause for concern? Here are some sobering statistics
Muslim Women Speak: My Body is my Own Business   (in pdf)
Hijab: The View from the Inside
Muslim Dress and the Hijab - by Akbar S. Ahmed    (inpdf)
Social Degradation of women - a crime and libel on Islam - by Marmaduke Pickthall (in pdf)
The Muslim Woman - her rights and duties - very comprehensive  (in pdf)
Women's Status in Islam  - by Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (in pdf)
The Status of women in Islam  - by Athar Husain
The Status of Women - by Dr. Jamal Badawi
Men are the qawwamuna of women . . . protectors and maintainers/supporters/caretakers/in charge of women/guardians of women . . . What is the meaning of 'qawwamuna' in the Qur'an?
Why are British Women Turning to Islam?
Women in Islam vs. women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition ~ Myth and Reality - Long (31 pages) but worth reading  (in pdf - 25 pages)
Are there any Female Jurists Around?
When mortals act as Gods - An essay on Khula and Lian
Women and the Hijab in non-Muslim countries after the Sept.11 terrorist attack
The Hijab Experience of Canadian Muslim Women
On Muslim Women
Who is better off -- Muslim Women or Secular Women
Equanimity Between Men and Women A Speech Given by our President in 1992 
Gender Equity in Islam - by Dr. jamal Badawi [External link entire book]
Islamic Traditions and the Feminist Movement (External Link)

Family Matters and Family Law
Sex in Islam (in pdf)
So you want to get married?  (in pdf)
Advice to husbands
Women's Rights in the Islamic Prenuptial Agreement ~ Use Them or Lose Them (in pdf
Why you need a prenuptial agreement (External Link)
Dower(in pdf)
Marriage (in pdf)
Equality in Marriage (al-Kufv)  (in pdf)
Infertility in the Qur'an  (in pdf)
Miscarriage - Causes, Trauma, and the Islamic Approach  (in pdf)
Biotechnical Parenting (in pdf)
Artificial Insemination (External Link)
Masturbation (jima' bil yad) and the Shariah
Are Birth Control & Abortion Lawful in Islam?   (in pdf)
A Scientist's Interpretation of References to Embryology in the Qur'an
The Origin of Man ~ How and When Does Life Begin?
The rights of parents and obligations towards them  (in pdf)
Adoption is an Option for Infertility  (in pdf)
Custody and Guardianship in Islam  (in pdf)
Establishing Guardianship (Islamic version of 'Adoption' is distinct from Western/Christian concept of adoption)   (in pdf)
Polygamy? A solution to sexual anarchy!?!  (in pdf)
Reflections on Muslim Family Issues by Akbar S. Ahmed --  [ (i) The Family (ii) Arranged Marriages and (iii) Muslim dress and the Hijab (iv) polygamy] (in pdf)
Euthanasia (External Link)
Divorce (in pdf
Marriage, Separation, Cancellations, Divorce and Repudiation - The law in a nutshell
Muslim Personal Law Observations From South Africa

Family Law (Our Campaign for Recognition of Muslim Personal Law)
What is Muslim Personal Law
A Word from the President (August 1995) -- Includes a discussion about the historical roots of our campaign
The Reconstruction of the Constitution and the Case for Muslim Personal Law in Canada (June 1994)   (in pdf)
The Status of non-Muslims in Islam  A comprehensive review of Islamic teachings on Religious, Judicial, Cultural (in pdf) and Social Autonomy
Executive Summary (Brief to the Ontario Civil Justice Review Task Force) (July 1994) (in pdf)
A Review of the Muslim Personal Law Campaign (August 1995)  (in pdf)
Muslims call for Mediation in Canadian Courtrooms (April 1998)  (in pdf)
News Bulletin (January 1998)
News Bulletin (January 1999)
News Bulletin (April 2001)
News Bulletin (September 2001)
News Bulletin (October 2002)
News Bulletin (April 2003)
News Bulletin (August 2004)
Oh! Canada - Whose Land Whose Dream (54 pages - bookmarked in Acrobat pdf format)
The Review of the Ontario Civil Justice System (53 pages - bookmarked in Acrobat pdf format) (This is our detailed brief submitted to the Ontario Panel)
A letter of enquiry regarding the Canadian Legislation that enables Muslims in Canada  to apply Muslim Personal Law in mediation and arbitration.

The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice [Darul Qada]
Information about our struggle
FAQs on the Darul Qada 
Media Response 2003-04
A Response and Media Critique regarding The Islamic Court of Arbitration
The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice
Why was the Institute Formed? 
Having faith in the law
Shar'iah courts in Canada, Myth and Reality
Sha'riah Tribunals
Ali's interview with 'The Ambition'  -- an interview wth Syed Mumtaz Ali about the Muslim Court of Arbitration 
The Good Muslim/Bad Muslim Puzzle -- Why our president said what he said
Are Muslim women's rights adversely affected by Shariah tribunals?
On Justice
When the Qur'an Speaks, Will Canadian Law Bend? - An American critique
Newsbulletin 2004 -- An update on the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice
An Islamic court? Here? Why not? from the Globe
Muslim group opposes sharia law from The Toronto Star, 2005
ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) 2 Links: the Boyd report summary, plus a media analysis about our strivings re: ADR
Sensationalism shrouds the debate on shariaby Haroon Siddiqui
Is Shariah Incapable of Change - by Sycd Mumtaz Ali
Mcguinty [Ontario, Canada's  premier, 2005]  Does Not Have the Last Word on Faith Based Arbitration
The case for a Muslim Court of Arbitration (Darul Qada)

General Essays, Discourses, Current Issues and Miscellany 

Muslim Rituals and Observances
The Adthan - Call to Prayer Quicktime audio, and Arabic transliteration, plus English translation
How to Perform the Islamic Prayer (includes RealAudio, MP3, illustrations of postures, transliterations, etc.)
Why do we raise our hands in supplication (du'a)? 
Photo illustrations of Islamic prayer (salaat) postures
The Performance of Prayer by Maulana Mohammed Abdul Aleem Siddiqui
A web cartoon illustrating ablution - for kids  (External Link) 

Muslim Rituals and Observances - Hanafi Fiqh
Requirements of the Islamic Prayer
Congregational Prayer
The Imam (Leader in Prayer) ~ Selection and Function
The Muqtadi (Follower in Prayer)
Regulations Concerning Recitation in Prayer
Sajdah Sahv ~ The corrective prayer
Qada' (Missed) Prayers ~ and how to perform them
The Prayer of the Sick and Disabled Person
Qasr~Shortening the prayer during a journey
The Funeral Prayer
Isal Thawab - The sending of rewards for the dead
The Friday Prayer ~ The prescribed procedure for delivering the Friday sermon (in pdf)
The Etiquette of Dealing with Parents  (in pdf)
The Elementary Teachings of Islam
The Friday Prayer
The 'Id Festivals
Death and illness
Nisab -Minimum Exemption Limit -- the minimum limit of wealth or property on which Zakat becomes payable
Heads of Expenditure - how zakat collections are to be spent
'Ushr Zakat on farm produce
Sadaqah Fitr [charity at the time of Fitr]

General Islamic Issues
Islam has a progressive tradition too (External Link)
The Modern Lifestyle
George Bernard Shaw meets his match - This is a lively and frank discussion about certain misconceptions and controversial issues in Islam (in pdf)
Would you advise individuals to study hadith from al-Bukhari and Muslim on their own?
Canada's Muslims - The Unnoticed Part of our History  (inpdf)
More Information on Canadian Muslims
Canada's First Mosque
A Century of Islam in America  (in pdf)
Some Reflections on the Wahhabiyah Movement  (in pdf)
The Salafis Unveiled (External Link)
An Open Letter to My Parents --   By Maryam Jameelah (External Link)
Alcohol is Haram yet vinegar is Halal! Can something Haram be transformed into something that is Halal?
Islam and the New Millennium (External Link)
Islam in the Age of the Western Media  - by Akbar S. Ahmed (in pdf)
Towards an Islamic Jurisprudence of the Environment (External Link)
There is no other work in the world which has remained so pure and pristine for 14 centuries This is how the Qur'an and the Hadith were preserved (in pdf)
Whosoever recited 'There is none worthy of worship but Allah' . . .shall enter Paradise !?! -- An illustrative example of the potential danger inherent in the literal interpretation of Hadith Literature
Does the Qur'an Sanction Violence?
A Ranking of the 100 Most Influential Persons in History - a book review 
Reforming Islam or Reforming Muslims?
On the Importance of Time and Timekeeping by al-Ghazzali

Marmaduke Pickthall on Jihad
On Holy War - a letter to the editor
Jihad (External LInk)
Jihad - Holy War?
The Spiritual Significance of Jihad by Seyyed Hossein Nasr (External Link) 
Jehad - by Athar Husain
Inner Jihad - Striving Towards Harmony - by Dr.Shahid Athar

What is and what is not Bid'a (Innovation)? -- Myths and Reality
On Innovation (Bid'a)
The Concept of Bid'a in Shariah
The Novelties - by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas’ud Ahmad M.A. Ph.D. (External link)

About Us
A Word from the President
About our President
Who We Are (in pdf)
What we stand For
These are our mottos . . . and these are our plans
More on Who We Are ~ Up close and personal
Our next event
Contact Us

Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers . . . 

Calculate your own prayer schedule for anywhere in the world
Determining Eid al Adha for your locality
Muslims the facts(External Link)
The Projected World Muslim Population in 2025: Muslims 30%, Christians 25%
Islamic Daily Prayers for Abnormal Time Zones (i.e. North of 45° N. Latitude or South of 45° S. Latitude)
Ten Year Table of Islamic Feast Dates
The direction of the Qibla and Time Considerations (even for the Moon or in the Space Shuttle)

Etcetera . . .

On Music
Sama (Mystical Music/Qawwali)   (in pdf)
Sama -- Listening to Music
Is Qawwali Considered Music?
Singing and the Sounds of Music - are they legal?
Is music forbidden in Islam?

In Memoriam for Muhammad Hamidullah
More on Dr. Hamidullah (External Link)

The Honeybee
Prayer - a poem
Ya Allah - a poem
Baby, it's all good! --  A modern hijab poem
Satan's Meeting - a prose-poem
Salaams and Salawaat (External Link)
Qaseedas(External Link) 
Religious Poetry Themes in the Time of our Beloved Prophet
Our Readers Write  Letters answered by Syed Mumtaz Ali, President of the Canadian Society of Muslims. Here are a few samples:

Marriage between a Muslim male and a non-Muslim female & the Shariah
Marriage between a Muslim female and a non-Muslim male & the Shariah
When a non-Muslim male converts to Islam in order to marry a Muslim female
On whether a Muslim female can marry a newly converted Muslim male
On 'engagement' and dating practises
Interracial Marriages
On Islamic wedding customs - a question from a Christian female marrying a Muslim Male
On the etiquette of non-Muslims attending a Muslim wedding
On a Muslim male marrying a Jewish female; and on the legalities of Muslim marriages in non-Muslim countries
A question on predestination
On games of chance, gambling and alcohol
Muslim teens and the problems they face
Why Muslims must pray using the Arabic language
Is music forbidden in Islam?
Why is vinegar halal even though it is made from alcohol?
On deciding whether to emigrate to a non-Muslim country
On how to embrace/convert to Islam
Another letter on converting to Islam
On the difference between a Mu'min and Muslim and conversion
On Holy War - a letter to the editor
On hairstyle, blue jeans, earrings . . .
On abortion
On (a) visiting graves and (b) art
On following the Imam in prayer - a technical point
The Prophet Muhammad, p.b.u.h. is the last messenger
On  the Wahhabis and Salafis etc.
On the legality of a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim
On fertility problems and Muslim law
On Satisfaction
External Links
Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Al-Qaderi The Life-Story of Maulana Abdul-Aleem Siddiqui's Shaikh (External Link)
Photo and List of Articles by Mawlana Mohammed Abdul-Aleem Siddiqui, r.a. on this website

Articles in the Urdu Language
Milad-un-Nabi -- by Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (warning: can take 26.7 seconds [page 1] and  64.4 seconds [page 2] to download with a 56.6 K modem)
Darul Qada - Its Importance and its Necessity(warning: can take 46.4 seconds [page 1] and  39 seconds [page 2] to download with a 56.6 K modem)
Muslim Laws and Canadian Muslims
Establishing an Institute of Islamic Justice an interview with our President in a Toronto Magazine "Aafaaq" 
Muslim Personal Law --Its Meaning and Importance

Notes on Islam by Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur 
The Elementary Teachings of Islam by Mawlana Mohammed Abdul-Aleem Siddiqui
Introduction to Islam by Dr. M. Hamidullah
The Mathnawi of Jalalu'ddin Rumi
The Alchemy of Happiness by Al-Ghazzali
The Muslim Conduct of State by Dr. M. Hamidullah (In Progress)
Muslim Personal Law -- An Exposition - by Athar Husain
The Emergence of Islam - by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah (In Progress)
The Niche for Lights (Mishkat al-Anwar) by al-Ghazzali

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