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We are not . . .

  • A Financial Institution. We are unable to help people with their financial difficulties, pay their way through school, help immigrants financially once they arrive in Canada. We are a non-profit organisation. Many of our readers either request us for money or ask us to refer them to someone who can help them. We are sorry but this is not the purpose of our organisation and we are unable to help you with your problem.
  • A College or University. We do not offer courses nor do we refer people to various Islamic schools as this is not our area of expertise. However this address might be useful for you to explore the various Islamic Schools across Canada and the United States. These are not to be confused with universities. 
  • The Only Islamic Organisation in Canada. There are many many organisations and we simply cannot be aware of them all. Readers are advised to go to this address as they maintain a fairly comprehensive list of Islamic Organisations across Canada.
  • Up to date on all the mosques either in Toronto or across Canada. Many readers wish to know the nearest mosque to where they live. Toronto and its surrounding area comprise close to 6 million people over 400 square  kilometres. We simply cannot be up-to-date on all Muslim activities in this area. However you can click here for a list of Toronto and/or Islamic Centres [year 2004].
  • A Social Agency. Many potential immigrants ask us to perform the duties of an introduction service asking us to introduce them to Muslims in whatever community they may be moving to across Canada. Canada is the largest country in the world geographically, although its population has slightly more than 31 million people. This is simply an impossibility for us.
  • A Housing Agency.  We do not provide housing, room and board nor do we offer dormatories for students. We do not recommend places where people can live. Again, Canada is very very large.
  • The Department of Immigration. We cannot help you to immigrate to Canada. You must first go through the proper channels with the Canadian government. Here is the relevant government address to begin your search.
  • Finally we regret to say that we are not set up to be able to answer your questions on religious rulings and points of law, because our answers often require a great deal of research and time. We simply do not have the staff or amount of time required at our disposal to be able to answer you. However, you may see a few sample letters on our letters page, but those have been the exception rather than the rule. We may not answer frivolous e-mails as the person who is responding doesn't have a great deal of extra time. Our webmaster, who normally took care of the e-mail, due to ill-health, is no longer able to take care of these matters. Insha Allah this arrangement will be temporary.
We are, however . . .

Our mandate is to provide generally reliable Islamic information to Muslims and non-Muslims alike in as educated, intellectual, philosophical and esoteric manner as possible. In conformity with the tenets of Islam, we wish to promote tolerance and harmony both among Muslims and non-Muslims. To that end, this website has a great deal of information to provide its readers. Our main thrust is from the Sunni-Hanafi perspective, although we do try, from time to time, to provide information on other schools of thought for informative and comparitive purposes.