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Picture of Syed Mumtaz Ali  Dec.24/2000
Answered by Syed Mumtaz Ali
President of the Canadian Society of Muslims

1. The Pillars of Faith
2. Sex in Islam
3. Marriage between a Muslim male and a non-Muslim female & the Shariah
4. Marriage between a Muslim female and a non-Muslim male & the Shariah
5. Islamic Law of Guardianship
6. Islamic Law of Apostasy
7. History of Islam in Canada
8. A question of predestination
9. Muslim teens and the problems they face
10. Is music forbidden in Islam?
11. Why Muslims must pray using the Arabic language
12. School term-papers
13. Interracial Marriages
14. Why is vinegar halal even though it is made from alcohol?
15. On games of chance, gambling and alcohol
17. On condoms and masturbation
18. On deciding whether to emigrate to a non-Muslim country
19. On how to embrace/convert to Islam
20. On whether Muslim female can marry a newly converted Muslim male
21. On Holy War - a letter to the editor
22. On hairstyle, blue jeans, earrings . . .
23. The Prophet Muhammad, p.bu.h. is the last messenger
24. On abortion
25. On (a) visiting graves and (b) art
26. On the etiquette of non-Muslims attending a Muslim wedding
27. On Islamic wedding customs - a question from a Christian female marrying a Muslim Male
28 On following the Imam in prayer - a technical point
29. When a non-Muslim male converts to Islam in order to marry a Muslim Female
30. The legal statutes and executive orders that allow Muslims to choose Muslim laws and mediators in Ontario
31. On studying Sunni Hanafi Islam
32. On 'engagements' and dating practises
33. On dealing with Wahhabis or Salafis
34. On the Muslim response to secularism in Canada.
35. On a Muslim male marrying a Jewish female; and on the legalities of Muslim marriages in non-Muslim countries
36. On the differences between the Shi'ah and the Sunnis
37. More information on converting to Islam
38. On the difference between Mu'min and Muslim & conversion
39. On the Taliban
40. On music
41. On the legality of a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim
42. On fertility problems and Muslim law
43. A letter from China regarding Islamic law of marriage
44. On buying a house with a mortgage in a non-Muslim country
45. On Secularism, Theism and Islam
46 On Satisfaction [zakina]

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 An article like this is valuable. . .  [Sex in Islam]

Liked your site.  You guys are doing a great job . . .

. . . details about Imam Abu Hanifah, as I am supposed to submit a comprehensive report on his life and teachings and I found your site very useful Alhamdulillah.