News Bulletin from January 1998               From January 1999
In the name of Allah, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful
Shariah Implementation
In Canada

A further Update on Stage 3 of
The Canadian Society Of Muslims'
Personal/Family Law Campaign

In our previous News Bulletin of 1998, the Canadian Society of Muslims announced with a sense of pride that our sustained campaign for the implementation of Muslim Personal/Family Law in Canada had met with success. With dedicated hard work, patient persistence and a sense of social conscience, we played a modest yet vital role in this regard.

Once again we are proud to draw your attention to some of the latest developments in the province of Ontario's enlightened determination to bring its family law court system to a more civilized and culturally acceptable level of public recognition. Compulsory mediation in litigation brought before a court of law was so far limited to Civil matters only (i.e., family-law matters were excluded). Now, even family law matters are going to receive the same equal treatment in that mediation has now been made mandatory for family law matters too. We reproduce here below a news release which appeared in the Toronto Star, Dec. 5, 1998.

We are pleased to inform the Muslim community that because of these latest developments, by the grace of Allah, we are able to serve you even better. Al hamdu li-Allah, Muslims are now in a much better position to obey the Shariah provisions relating to the breakdown of marriage. As Muslims we all know, of course, that (a) initially we are required by the Qur'an itself to settle Matrimonial disputes between husband and wife at their own initiative and then (b) to try to resolve their disputes through a compulsory arbitration process. For more information, please refer to our brochure introducing The Muslim Marriage, Mediation & Arbitration Service. You will appreciate that even the new Ontario court rules do not provide for compulsory Arbitration - only Mediation is made mandatory. So, we are not finished yet with the Ontario government. Our efforts/campaigning/lobbying will Insha-Allah continue until we succeed in our goals.
As-Salaamu Alaikum

Syed Mumtaz Ali

From the Toronto Star, Sat. Dec. 5, 1998


A one-stop court that provides an array of family law services will be expanded to about a dozen more communities in Ontario, Attorney-General Charles Harnick announced yesterday.

Unified family courts cover all aspects of family law in one court, making proceedings more convenient and less expensive. As well as judges to hear cases, they offer mediation services and information sessions. Such services help parents make informed decisions about resolving disputes in the best interests of children, the ministry says.

Harnick called on Ottawa to appoint more Ontario judges so the concept can be expanded.

"Only with the co-operation of the federal government can we make this a reality," he said.

New courts are being set up in Newmarket, Ottawa, Durham Region, Peterborough, Cobourg, Lindsay, Bracebridge, Cornwall, Brockville, Perth, L'Orignal and St. Catharines.