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Part I

What the Quran says about Itself

In almost innumerable verses, the Quran unequivocally proclaims its Divine origin. Some of them are mentioned here:

"This is the Scripture whereof there is no doubt, a guidance unto those who ward off (evil)." (Q. 2 : 2)
"A book which We have revealed unto thee (Muhammad) that thereby thou mayst bring forth mankind from darkness unto light, by the permission of their Lord, unto the path of the Exalted in power, Worthy of all praise." (Q. 14:1)

It describes itself as discernment (Furqan) between truth and error :

"Truth has come and error has vanished; verily error is ephemeral." (Q. 27 : 73) 

"And say: the Truth is from your Lord. Let him the who cares to believe, believe ; and let him who will not care to believe, believe not."

"Here is a Book whose verses are perfect in their form and content and are set forth clearly by one who is All-wise and All-informed." (Q.2:1)

Even though the Quran discusses a multitude of subjects and all facets of life and sometimes in great detail, it makes a bold claim that no contradiction or inconsistency can ever be found in it. It says:

"Had it (the Quran) been from any source other than God, you would have found many contradictions in it."
The Quran describes itself as a Light, a clear guidance and a blessed Book.
"It is a blessed Book which We have revealed, so follow it," This Quran verily guideth to the path, which is perfectly straight and announces to believers who do what is right, for them there is a great reward." (Q. 17 : 9)

"These are the verses of the Quran -- the lucid Book offering guidance and good tidings to the Believers."

"The Quran is an Admonition and a reminder." (Q. 27:1) 

"And say (O Muhammad); The Quran hath been revealed to me that I should warn you by it and also those whom it may reach." (Q. 6:18)

" It hath come down from the Lord of all domains of existence,will you deny the gift that is with one?" (Q. 36. 80-82)
"Hark; This undoubtedly is an Admonition for you." (Q. 74: 54)
The Quran cautions that if you will believe you will attain success and sublimity but if you will follow Satan, his associates and progeny. you will end in Hell. The Quran is a blessing, a healing and a mercy We sent down through the Quran a healing and a mercy to the believers which causes distress to the wicked." (Q 17 : 82) 

The Quran says that no power on earth can produce a Book like itself: 

"Say : 'Should men join together and attempt to produce the like of this Quran, they cannot produce a like of it, however much the one group may help the other. " (Q. 17: 88) 
"if ye be in doubt about what we have sent down to Our servant (the Prophet), then, produce a chapter one like it, and invite any helper, for you other than God to help you, if you think you are right. And if you do it not and never shall you be able to do it, then fear the Fire." (Q. 2 : 23-24) 
The Quran says that no falsehood can ever touch it :"Indeed in (We do see) those who believe not in the warning (of the Quran) after it had come to them. And there is not doubt that the Quran is a mighty book (of guidance). Falsehood shall not touch it, whether it cometh in front of it or from behind it; it hath come down from the Wise, the Praiseworthy," (Q. 41 : 41-42)
The Book is of tremendous import. It says: "Had We sent down this Quran to a mountain, thou should certainly have seen it humbling itself and crumbling down for the fear of God. Such are the parables that We offer to men that they may reflect."