The September 11 Aftermath
Muslim-bashing and Islamophobia
"... We’ve all heard again and again the tired old clichés which stigmatise the whole of Islam as fundamentalist, ideological, monolithic, static, unidimensional, implacably opposed to modernity, incapable of integration or assimilation, impervious to new ideas, retrogressive, retrograde, backward, archaic, primaeval, medieval, uncivilised, hostile, violent, terrorist, alien, fanatical, barbaric, militant, oppressive, harsh,
  threatening, confrontational, extremist, authoritarian, totalitarian, patriarchal, misogynist, negatively exotic, and bent on imposing on the whole world a rigid theocratic system of government which would radically overturn every principle of freedom and liberal democracy cherished by the Western world. ..."
The author also states:
"From an Islamic perspective, letters and words are  the very substance of the created universe, emanating from the  Divine Word which is the origin of all creation and in which all  concepts find unity and reconciliation. It is therefore a sacred trust  to use words which are fair, fitting, balanced, equitable and just,  words which are in “due measure and proportion.” in  his concluding remarks. It is useful to learn about the Islamic Perspective as he describes it."
These are quotations from a discourse by Dr. Jeremy Henzell-Thomas. Click here for the complete article (external link)