Select Bibliography of Muslim Authors

compiled by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

1. Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, The Meaning of the Glorious Qur'an. (Its numbering of verses is sometimes defective. But of the numerous translations of the Holy Qur'an, this is the handiest and best. 

2. Fazlul Karim, Al Hadis, (An English translation and commentary with Arabic text of Mishka'at-ul-Masabih, the famous compilation of Hadith. 

3. Iqbal, Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.

4. H. K. Sherwani, Studies in Muslim Political Thought and Administration

5. Muhammed 'Abdur-Rahman Khan, Muslim Contribution to Science and Culture

6. Ameer Ali, A Short History of the Saracens

7. Anwar Iqbal Qureshi, Islam and the Theory of Interest

8. Muhammad Hamidullah, Muslim Conduct of State

9. Muhammad Hamidullah, Sahifah Hammarn ibn Munabbih, together with a history of the Hadith.